Motor Home Insurance in Kansas

Owning a motorhome in Kansas is fun and provides a novel way to travel across the country. However, this is a significant investment and must be treated as such. Other than budgeting for maintenance costs, you need to get insurance coverage for your motorhome. If you live in Topeka, KS, you are required by law to get motorhome insurance from a reliable insurer like The Blackstone Agency.

When is motorhome insurance required?

Just like your other vehicles, your motorhome is required to have liability coverage in Kansas. However, you may need a separate motorhome insurance policy if:

  • The motorhome is s rental vehicle
  • The motorhome is a motorhome
  • You don’t fully own the motorhome (you bought the auto on loan)

A rental motorhome's insurance is your responsibility provided it’s in your possession. Consider checking with your auto insurer to see if your current coverage extends to the motorhome you are renting. Typically, rental dealers may automatically include insurance costs in the price of the rental or they may have short-term plans available for purchase.

A financed motorhome needs to have full coverage because the lender will need reimbursements on their loan in case of a loss. Sometimes, your lender may take out an insurance plan on the motorhome and send the bill to you if you don’t buy full coverage. Remember that lender-purchased insurance policies come with low liability and higher premiums, meaning that taking personal responsibility for your investment can be a smart decision.

Motorhomes need to have liability insurance while being driven on the roads. Full coverage is optional, but this doesn’t mean that you should opt out. Start by determining your motorhome's value versus the likelihood of a loss and determine if you can insure your motorhome against physical damage risks. In case you live in the vehicle full-time, it’s essential to consider getting additional coverage. For more details on motorhome insurance, be sure to contact The Blackstone Agency in Topeka, KS and you will get the help you require.