Home Insurance for Kansas Residents

If you have purchased a home in Topeka, KS, the next step you should take is to get home insurance coverage. It’s advisable to get in touch with a reliable insurance company in Kansas like The Blackstone Agency to get proper coverage to protect your home. But why should you get an insurance policy to protect an investment like your home? Home insurance offers:

Protection from losses caused by theft

When you get a home insurance plan, your insurer will protect you against damages caused by theft. This can cover damages to your property, loss of your possession, or structural damage.

Protection from natural disaster losses

Whether the damage is caused by high winds, fire, lighting, or a tornado, your home insurance plan will cover the losses provided the risks are listed in your policy. So, if a natural disaster occurs, you will be protected from the catastrophic loss. This will not include damages from floods or earthquakes.

Liability coverage

In case an accident occurs in your home and damages another person’s property, or someone gets injured on your property, you will get the funds you require to pay for the medical bills, legal fees, and material damage. The policy may also extend to accidents that occur in a space that’s next to your property.

Mortgage lender requirement

Some mortgage lenders, as well as banks, may not finance your home unless you have homeowners insurance. This coverage acts as investment protection.

Even though it is not mandatory to get homeowners insurance in Kansas, this plan is worth every penny. Of course, you hope that a disaster doesn’t strike, but knowing that your valuable asset is protected at all times, even when a crisis occurs, will offer you peace of mind. For more information about home insurance in Topeka, KS, consider contacting The Blackstone Agency. We can help get you a quote through our online rating tool or by calling one of our agents.