Commercial Insurance in Kansas

Commercial insurance is coverage designed to protect your business. It covers a company against losses that arise from property damage or injury to employees, employer’s liability, and public liability. A reliable Topeka, KS insurer like The Blackstone Agency can offer a commercial insurance plan designed to suit your Kansas business needs.

Which kind of commercial insurance coverage does your company require?

Commercial insurance is provided in many forms and what you require for your company will depend on the kind of operation you run. For instance, your tradesmen will probably need commercial insurance coverage more than your professional writer because the risks vary.

That said, professional indemnity and public liability are suitable options for your Kansas business. Additionally, an employer’s liability is a crucial coverage every business should have provided if it has more than one member of staff. This policy is a legal requirement, so you will be breaking the law if you don't have one put in place.

Types of commercial insurance

  • Employers’ liability insurance – this policy covers you against claims your employee may make when they suffer an illness or injury while working. You are required by law to have this policy even if you hire people on a part-time, full-time, or casual basis.
  • Public liability insurance – this coverage will protect your business from claims made by public members. It will compensate claimants who suffer property loss or damage and personal injury (even death) in connection with your company.
  • Business contents and building insurance – the same way you protect your home and belongings, you also need to protect your business premises, products, and machinery. In case you own the business premises, your policy will cover expenses of rebuilding or repairing it. If you rent your property, it is the responsibility of your landlord to provide the building insurance.
  • Motor insurance – this coverage protects all the vehicles you use for business purposes.

For more information on commercial insurance, contact us at The Blackstone Agency in Topeka, KS. Our agents can help you get a quote and design a policy that fits your business's needs.