About The Blackstone Agency

After working for captive agencies, which only offer one company's products, we learned we wanted to do more for our customers. We built this agency with these goals in mind:

  • Educating EVERYONE, even if you're not our customer
  • Create a great customer service every time
  • Always making sure the client's best interest come first by offering them options
  • Supporting those that support us


  • We don't hold the traditional hours of 9-5. You have our cell phone numbers. This makes itconvenient for you to text information, questions, and pictures. We trust you'll appreciate the difference.
  • We are advisors representing many companies, not salesmen representing a single company. We advise, educate, and help clients pick the insurance that fits their needs. We don't just offerthem something and tell them "this is your only option".
  • Renewal Process- When your company gets too expensive, you don't need to spend yourvaluable time looking for a new agent that you can trust, or waste your hard earned money staying with your current overpriced carrier. We will help you find a better and more affordable carrier.
  • Education- Insurance is boring and can be difficult to understand, BUT, it's important for you tounderstand what your policy does for you. We educate EVERYONE through videos on our website, social media, emails, and monthly mailings. We go over every policy with our clients.You will never know how good, or bad your policy is, until you need it if you don't invest a littletime learning what it does.

We give back to the community in many ways

  • ABATE of Kansas
  • Toys for Tots
  • 4H
  • North Topeka Saddle Club
  • Benefit Rides
  • Teachers and their classrooms
andrew keehn

Andrew Keehn

Risk Management Advisor



Tommy Hendrickson

Risk Management Advisor